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Birthday Month Date: Nov 8th @ 5:06am EST
Its been such an amazing Birthday month, for all those who celebrated my birthday celebration on the 6th thank you for making it extremely memorable, Not only did we stay up all night long laughing, dancing, & well getting slightly naughty, but we got to number 1 in the Top 20 which was just the right amount of icing to be put on my cake :) So sweet to say the very least :) All the birthday wishes & gifts were simply amazing, you all sure know how to put a massive smile on my face. Since i will not actually be in the country on my actual birthday i will make sure to post lots of videos & photos on my twitter along with my fan club ;) if you are still not a member you should join very soon. For those who join my fan club in the next couple days i will be extending your membership for 2 extra months free :) if you have any questions please email me.

I will return from my vacation the first week of december.

I Cant thank you enough for all that you do, I'm smiling ear to ear :)
Life is truly spectacular

Love -Adriana
Adriana's Calendar & Cellphone case Raffle Date: Mar 20th @ 10:15pm EDT
I will be making 2 custom cell phone cases & 3 calendars.
For the cell phone cases they will be for iPhone 6 & Galaxy phones only.
As for the calendars i will be having my Photoshoot this weekend. Each month will be different and sexier than ever. I've done calendars before in my previous relationships, so i thought this will be a great way for you guys to have a piece of me in your homes. I will continue to do different types of contest for you guys throughout the year. Next will be a custom deck of cards with 52 photos, I can't wait to put it all together, i will post a blog with details on that raffle. If you have any suggestions on what time of contest you would like for me to do in the future please feel free to email me or message me on twitter.

So here is how you can win;
1 ticket is 100 credits
3, 250 credits
5, 400 credits
10,700 credits

the more tickets you have the higher your chances of winning are :)
There will only be 5 winners

Contest will end on 4-20-2015

I will be doing a live drawing on cam.
Good luck

xo Adriana

Christmas is near :) Date: Dec 20th @ 2:24am EST
I can't believe its that time of the year again, so crazy how time just goes by so quickly.
I will be on cam as much as possible until i leave for my yearly christmas vacation with my family to Aspen. I can't wait to be making snow angels, building a massive snowman and skiing, i also enjoy snowboarding as well i find it easier for me :) What do you guys have planned this holiday? I Know i took quite some time off this year from camming. I have a feeling 2015 will be an even better year to which i will be on even more than before :)
I will also start blogging more and updating my fan club with new content. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me any time, i love hearing what you guys have to say.
I also updated my schedule, but i usually post on my twitter moments before I'm ready to come on cam, if you not already following me you can go to my link on my bio page and send a request, i will be happy to accept :)
I will see you in my room and or in private ;)

love you xoxo Adriana
Thank you for VOTING! Date: Oct 14th @ 4:48am EDT
#1 on site Date: Jul 21st @ 12:13am EDT
I want to say thank you to all that helped me reach my goal of becoming number 1 in the top 20, you have no idea how amazing i felt when i seen myself there. I hope i can continue to stay in the top position for as long as possible.
This is been an amazing week, it has been nothing but non stop laughter & fun. This up coming week I want to have a big celebration, Tonight I will be going to the sex shop to buy more outfits, toys, and some fun surprises, you will love it.
I seriously love exploring new fantasies with each and every one of you, ever since i started cam my fantasies have extended beyond anything I've ever experienced :) You all make me feel incredible.
I will be uploading new photos and new videos for my fan club this week. I recorded a new fan club teaser video which should be up soon.
Again can't wait to see you all on Monday, I will try my best to be on every day next week.
So get ready for me, lets keep this high energy.
Again Thank you to those who made it possible on me becoming number 1 on flirt.
Endless kisses everywhere
xoxo Adriana
So Happy Date: Jul 13th @ 10:49pm EDT
Happy New Year Date: Jan 5th @ 7:00pm EST
I hope you all had a fantastic New Year, 2014 is a fresh new year, I dont make any new year resolutions I make them daily :)
I always want to make the best of every day. set your goals and accomplish them :) there is nothing you cant do, I dont believe in the word NO..... thats not in my vocabulary, with hard work anything is possible.
When you have your mind in the right place and dont loose focus the sky is the limit. I want you guys to feel and do the same in the new year
I have enjoyed meeting every single one of you in open chat and or in private.
Camming has been such a great expiernce, never thought I would have built such amazing friendships. I love connecting with each and every one of you.
means the world to me when you guys send me daily messages.
I do my best to keep in contact and upload as many photos and videos as i can. This week I will be uploading a few more videos on my fan club and photos that i will upload tmrw.
If you have any requests please email me on flirt or dm message me on twitter.
May 2014 be filled with everything you guys desire and more.
I Love you
Xo Adriana
Missed you Date: Dec 27th @ 9:41pm EST
It feels so good to finally be back home I was in Aspen for the Holidays I had the best time, besides it being so cold!!! I mean COLDDDDD lol and my ass being sore from snowboarding it truly was a Winter White Wonderland.
waking up christmas moring being surronded by snow was magical lol I live in southern cali so We never get to see snow, unless I drive to the mountains.
how did you guys celebrate christmas? did you recieve everything you wanted from Santa?
Santa did a very good job this year Thats what i get for being such a good girl, now that christmas is over I can get on cam and be lil naughty lol just a little ;)This year has gone by so fast, where did the time go?
What do you all have planned for New years? Im almost certain I will be in Vegas sin City baby :)
I was just there for my birthday and going back again its hard to stay away.
A lot of my girl friends are going to be there so how can i not be there to start the new year, right lol
2014 lets do this :)
every year set your goals and never stop until they are reached.

I love you all
xoxo Adriana
Christmas is almost here Date: Dec 7th @ 9:24pm EST
I love this time of year, the entire month of december puts me in the best of moods, from decorating my house, putting lights outside to decorating my christmas tree and having christmas music blasting while sippin egg nog. I love it all, what is your favorite part about christmas? do you stay in town or do you have to fly out of state to be with your loved ones?
thankfully I get to stay in town and majority of my family lives close, only have a small amount that is actually flying in for the holiday and they usually stay in town until newyears
Every year my father throws the best new years party. every year gets better and better, we all look forward to it every yea, whats dad going to do this year :)
I will post lots of photos on my twitter, I most likly will not be on cam on christmas but maybe if you all are good i will come in for a lil bit to wish you all a merry christmas, well to those of you who celebrate it :)
I have been good and Naughty all year so lets see what santa will bring me this year..
im guessing you all have been a lil naughty to especially if your reading this blog ;)
shhhhhhhh its ok I wont tell santa if you dont

I will see you on cam
Love Adriana
Happy Thanksgiving Date: Nov 29th @ 4:26am EST
To all those who celebrate, I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, I look forward to thanksgiving each year, but we should all remember to spend time with our loved ones all year long, not just get together for one day only. Spending time with the ones you love is so important, we get caught up in our day to day that we may sometimes forget to pick up the phone and call or go eat a nice family dinner. I know that I am guilty of this from time to time, texting and emailing gets in the way of spending quality time. I have made it my goal this year to go my families home more often, luckily I have a very close family so for that I am thankful.
what are you guys grateful for in your lives?
Have you ever sat down and thought about what you cherish most in life?
its very important to value what you have and not be selfish.
for family is all that you have at the end of the day.

With that being said, I will be on cam tmrw morning and night.
Cant wait to see you all
sleep well my loves

xoxo Adriana

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